The Best Award Winning Electric Razor

If you want to buy the best electric razor ever, Panasonic has won the Men’s Health Grooming Award for three year’s running.

Their winning shaver is the Panasonic Arc5 men’s electric razor. Priced at around $500-depending on sale price, it truly offers the best shaving experience, but it’s worth it. If you can pick one up for sale at around $300, you are truly getting a bargain.

Panasonic has created some innovative technology that is built inside this men’s razor. This tech allows you to save time in the morning. A built-in sensor can sense beard thickness and adjust the speed accordingly. It has patented multi-arc foils that allow the electric razor to glide smoothly over the face, skin, jaw, and neck. These foils are flexible and they can capture, hold, and cut the shortest or the longest hairs on your face. They also work effectively on hairs that lie flat against the skin. They’ll gently raise them up, and then clip them off. They will also effectively tackle hairs that are lying in all different directions, which can be problematic for cheaper electric razors.

So why is the Arc5 probably the best electric razor? The Arc5 is available in an attractive, but sleek, black and dark grey finish. Gentle grooves in the casing will allow you to grip the handle comfortably, without dropping it when it’s wet. This shaver can be used wet or dry. The foils on the razor move in a circular motion. The razor will never tug or pull on your skin. It will get close without being irritating. Panasonic has built the razor with a motor that runs at 14,000 CPM (Cycles Per Minute). Its linear motor and multi flex pivoting head moves with the curves of your face. The Arc5 ES-LV95-S also comes with an automatic cleaning, conditioning, and charging station. Detergent packs can be inserted to help clean the razor. The cleaning system uses sonic vibrations while in cleaning mode. There is also the ES-LV65-S Arc5 for those who don’t want the cleaning and charging station.

The electric razor has an illuminated display that will alert you when you need to recharge your shaver. It will also indicate the exact charge level so you will know when you need to recharge. It will show you ten stages of charging levels.

It takes one hour to charge this razor up fully. Once it’s charged up it will run for forty-five minutes, plenty of time for nearly two weeks of shaving.

The Arc5 comes with a standard pop-up trimmer so you can trim sideburns, mustache, and beard. If you’re searching for the best shaving experience, and don’t mind paying a couple hundred dollars more for that privilege, the Panasonic Arc5 is sure to please. This award-winning electric and cordless razor is sure to please the most finicky of men. You’re sure be pleased with your investment after you try this award winning Arc5 electric razor for yourself.

Author: Elliot Gardner