Baby Monitor from ex-Apple and Google Employees

Sproutling, a new company founded by a group of former Google and Apple employees, has designed its first gadget: the Sproutling Baby Monitor.

This company announces that this device will bring high performances to every customer and help the parents worldwide, playing the role of the best “babysitter”. Unlike the other baby monitors that you can actually buy now, this is only a concept at the moment. So if you are looking for the best baby monitor to buy right now, this is definitely not for you.

This concept promises to make the parenting experience much more pleasant. Parents will be less stressed and stop worrying about the baby’s condition all day long. Also, another goal the device plans to achieve is offering parents the chance to relax once in awhile, taking good care of the baby in their place and announcing them whenever the baby is in need of their help.

The Sproutling Baby Monitor comes in the shape of a rubber-coated bracelet which is tied around the baby’s ankle. Its design and composing fabric makes it comfortable for the baby to wear. In addition to this, the attaching strap is created to be machine-washable.

This device presents a lot of features such as measuring the baby’s heart rate and also his temperature. Moreover, the bracelet studies the baby’s movements. If the baby happens to lay on his stomach or sides, there might be a risk he will suffocate. The device will inform the parents about the baby’s motion so that they will know when to act accordingly and put the baby to lay on his back in order for him to breathe properly. The strap’s battery lasts up to 3 days and can be charged in a surprisingly small amount of time: about 3 hours.

The rubber-coated bracelet charges itself in its charging bowl, which is placed in the baby’s room. The base station (charging bowl) measures the room’s temperature and sends signals to the parent’s smartphone. If the room temperature is too cold or too hot, the parent will know when to step in and prevent an unpleasant situation for the baby. The base station also measures the noise level in the child’s room, noticing a parent if the baby is being disturbed or might wake up.  The base station sends detailed information to the parent’s smarthpone and to the company’s servers. Afterwards, the company specialists study the baby’s behavior and make a series of statistics. These statistics help a parent to assume the time when the baby will wake up from a nap, sending signals to their smartphones in real time.

In this way, the Sproutling Baby Monitor’s app installed on a parent’s smartphone will represent the child’s mood as well: happy, upset, fussy, sleeping or awake.

The data which is send to the Sproutling’s company servers is strictly confidential, without using or exposing any details regarding the baby’s behavior or health.

If the strap happens to be unattached, the app will notice the parent to tie it back on the baby’s ankle.

Parents with more children can get information about each one of them if every baby wears one bracelet on the ankle.

Author: Elliot Gardner